You step into the car. You've found a very fat stray-cat, so you and your parents are going to the vet with the she-cat to look if she's pregnant. The she-cat is sitting in the bench, uncomfortably. You pet the she-cat to make her feel comfortabler. 'We are there!' you hear your father say. You step out of the car, holding the bench. You and your parents walk to the vet, into the waiting room. 'You may come in!' you hear the vet say. You and your parents walk into the room. The vet studied the she-cat. 'She's pregnant.' the vet says.

*14 weeks later*

You look at the 6 kittens that are eating from their food. They are big! 'Choose one kit.' you hear your mother say. 'They are old enough to leave their mom.' she added. 'The others can be adopted by other people.' You want to choose them all, but you know it can't.

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